My name is John Momcilovich and I am the inventor of the patented Garden Angel® watering unit. I would like to share some insights taken from our 2019 garden.

In 2019, our garden had a very low success rate, mostly due to my wife’sinability to tend to the garden. As she was waiting for diagnosis for the many pains experienced throughout her body, the garden suffered and weeds took over. However, in 2019 we still tried the Garden Angel Round in a side-by-side comparison in two separate 5 gallon buckets. We grew an heirloom tomato plant in each bucket – one with the Garden Angel unit and one without.

While my wife was unable to monitor the direct water for each unit or the actual yields per plant, there was an interesting takeaway from the 2019 season. Notice the image of the two root balls from our bucket trial.

There was a significant difference in the root balls for each plant! The plant on the left had a root system over twice the size of the one on the right. Based on casual garden observation in my travels back to Michigan last summer, the two tomato plants seemed pretty equal in their size and fruit productions with a slight advantage of tomatoes produced on the plantwith the Garden AngelTM. Given the two choices in the pic, which one do you think utilized the Garden Angel? If you guessed the one on the right, you are correct!

Why do you suppose the one on the right has such a significantly smaller root system? I can point to the use of the Garden Angel. The plant on the left spent a lot of the plant’s energy searching for water sources to supply the tomato plant with its moisture needs instead of developing the plant and its fruits. With the Garden Angel, the water was delivered directly to the main root ball. Since the plant on the right did not have to spend energy developing a more robust root system, the energy was diverted into


Thanks again for stopping by. I hope together we can enjoy our growing experiences and conserve our precious water resources at the same time. Wishing you a bountiful and successful 2020 growing season!

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