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We have several different products to offer our customers.  While both Garden Angel units can be used in a container or directly on the ground, we have a few variations to fit your specific needs.  

Garden Angel® Round

The Garden Angel® Round is our flagship product that allows any type of person to get started using the Garden Angel.  By design, this unit allows you to use any 5 gallon bucket as a pot to grow your plants (or just place directly on the ground).  By metering the water and stopping weed growth, this is the perfect solution for home gardeners, urban gardeners and cannabis growers.

Garden Angel® Square

The Garden Angel® Square is the gardener’s dream.  By interlocking the different sized units together, you can create a custom gardening experience that allows you to grow virtually anything while conserving water, eliminating weeding, and increasing your yield.  Available in 2021. Pre-order only.

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With the cost and time savings, the Garden Angel device allows any grower to maximize the production of their plants, while minimizing labor and expenses.

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Garden Angel Farm  is an agriculture technology company that empowers growers of all types to conserve, save and produce.  We build well-designed, tightly integrated hardware products that enable you to save water while eliminating weeding and increasing your yield.

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