Hey there!  My name is John Momcilovich and I am the inventor of the patented Garden Angel®  watering unit.  Let me share how the Garden Angel came about.

After losing my job in Michigan in 2007, I obtained work in Nevada.  My wife and I are avid gardeners and of course, we had to try our hand at raising some zucchini and tomatoes at our home in Nevada. While we could grow a bountiful harvest in Michigan, we were struggling to get any crop yields from our efforts in our new desert home. 

I decided to talk to the locals in Nevada about the problems I was having and what to do about them.  While I found some interesting resources on how to grow in the valley we lived in, I wondered why there were not many home gardens here.  Unlike Michigan, Nevada has water rights laws, which drives up the cost of water.  If you do not have water rights, you pay for municipal water.  I was told the water costs of having even a small garden could run up to $200 per month.  The cost of water drove the price of home grown produce above what could be purchased at stores and Farmer’s Markets in the area, so very few people have home gardens.

Our Mission

is to provide water conservation products and solutions that allows people to save time, money and resources.  With this goal, we become better stewards of this earth we have been given, while allowing us to be a blessing to our fellow men.

This high cost of water got me thinking about the process of watering plants in a home garden.  I pondered how to deliver water to where the plants needed it and how to reduce the amount of evaporation of that water, ultimately driving down the cost of watering.

What I came up with was the Garden Angel watering device: a plastic tray with spikes inside the tray to deliver the water below the soil surface, direct to the plant’s root system.

I presented the idea to my stepson, Brandon.  He put together two units to try out in our garden in Michigan.  My wife, Ruby, carefully watered my four test tomato plants and documented the water requirements for each plant.  At the end of the growing season, I analyzed the results.   I was impressed with what I found: the plants with the test units had up to 50% more tomatoes and used 38% less water than the other tomato plants.  That is when I decided to file for a patent and begin offering this unit for sale to growers everywhere. The first Garden Angel we are offering is the round unit, which can be placed directly on the ground or used in combination with a container, like a 5-gallon bucket.  

The second unit will be our square Garden Angel.  This unit is designed to snap together to create modular garden beds, either on the ground or in raised beds.  The added benefits of the square Garden Angel is the elimination of weeding and increase moisture retention in the soil bed, where the roots need it.

Thank you for visiting my web page.  I hope together we can enjoy our gardening experiences and conserve our precious water resources at the same time.

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