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Take your commercial  business to the next level by using the Garden Angel growing device.

Commercial Growers

Increasing yield while decreasing costs

When growing plants commercially, every dollar counts.  Reduce your water consumption while boosting your yield.

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Why use the Garden Angel commercially?

What should you expect from Garden Angel

Your Opportunity

Every commercial grower seems to have their own setup to save money, reduce labor, and increase yields.  The Garden Angel® device has the ability to help any commercial grower achieve the benefits by:

  • Reducing costs by minimizing water loss through evaporation
  • Watering your plants directly at the root system instead of wasting water on the surface
  • Reduce weeding by preventing growth around the plant
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Cannabis Growers

Unbelievable growth with increased yields

Marijuana and hemp growers can use Garden Angel® to bring their plants to the next level

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Some of the Benefits

Growing just became much easier
Commercial growing has it’s challenges, but Garden Angel® allows you to put those challenges behind you.  Some common benefits we see for commercial growers and cannabis growers  are:
  • Water presented directly to the root system
  • Eliminate all types of weeding
  • Much more!
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Garden Angel Farm  is an agriculture technology company that empowers growers of all types to conserve, save and produce.  We build well-designed, tightly integrated hardware products that enable you to save water while eliminating weeding and increasing your yield.

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