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Root Growth Comparison

Root Growth Comparison

My name is John Momcilovich and I am the inventor of the patented Garden Angel® watering unit. I would like to share some insights taken from our 2019 garden. In 2019, our garden had a very low success rate, mostly due to my wife’sinability to tend to the garden. As...

Meet the Inventor

Meet the Inventor

Hey there!  My name is John Momcilovich and I am the inventor of the patented Garden Angel®  watering unit.  Let me share how the Garden Angel came about. After losing my job in Michigan in 2007, I obtained work in Nevada.  My wife and I are avid gardeners and of...

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Garden Angel Farm  is an agriculture technology company that empowers growers of all types to conserve, save and produce.  We build well-designed, tightly integrated hardware products that enable you to save water while eliminating weeding and increasing your yield.

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