While there are many different benefits with the Garden Angel Device, we have seen many different advantages for many different types of gardeners and growers alike.  

Get more out of your gardening

The Garden Angel® watering device is a polymer unit designed to capture, direct, and contain moisture in a plant’s root system. The units are designed for use in commercial and residential gardening and can be placed directly on the ground, around existing plants/trees/shrubs, or in group or individual self-contained units (like a 5 gallon bucket). The units interlock along the top edges of other units or into a self-contained base. In May of 2014, two hand-crafted prototype units were created incorporating the single hole, 4-spike design.

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Our Findings

We spent a lot of time working on this device. From simple testing to statistical analysis, we have found many different benefits for the Garden Angel.

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Common Benefits for All Growers and Gardeners

We offer the Garden Angel® in multiple sizes and styles to try to gain the most benefit for different types of gardeners and growers.    

Save Time - Water Your Plants Less

Fill up the tray and walk away. Use less water to grow more produce

Save Money - Pay Less

Pay less for water and weeding time.  Your produce will be happy, and your wallet will appreciate it.

Water Conservation - Reduced Evaporation

Allows water to be applied to soil without evaporation from the top surface

Increase production - Root growth

Root systems receiving direct water will grow larger and stronger

Save Time - Eliminate Weeding

Weeding is not necessary when the weeds can’t grow through thick plastic.

Create Custom Gardening Experience

Interconnect multiple units to great an organized grow area.

Directly Water Your Root System

Apply water to the root system 4″-6″ under the topsoil

Increased Production - More Yield

Allow your plants to produce more fruit.  The additional water and removal of weeds, equals success 

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Achieve More with Garden Angel®

With the cost and time savings, the Garden Angel device allows any grower to maximize the production of their plants, while minimizing labor and expenses.

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Garden Angel Farm  is an agriculture technology company that empowers growers of all types to conserve, save and produce.  We build well-designed, tightly integrated hardware products that enable you to save water while eliminating weeding and increasing your yield.

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